Women on Wax Recordings

Launched in 2001 by DJ Minx, Women On Wax Recordings (WOW) amplifies the talent of local and global artists to create electronic music deeply rooted in the unique rhythm of Detroit.

Airborne EP, WOW002 (2003)

Deep Structures E.P., WOW003 (2004)

The Blessed And Bliss E.P., WOW009 (2006)

My Philosophy, WOW010 (2007)

Midnite Bullet EP, WOW012 (2008)

The Essential E.P., WOW013 (2008)

Just Make It Deep: The Remixes, WOW014 (2009)

Suffer, WOW016 (2012)

Glide, WOW017 (2012)

The Pickup, WOW018 (2013)

Stiletto Stroll, WOW020 (2014)

Paris to 313, WOW021 (2018)

Violet Groove EP, WOW022 (2020)

Living The Life, WOW023 (2020)

Blind Amerikkka, WOW024 (2021)

Blind Amerikkka – The Remixes, WOW025 (2021)

Tronic DWOW026 (2021)

Purse First, WOW027 (2021)

Queendom Vol. 1WOW028 (2023)

Purse First, WOW027 (2021)

Queendom Vol. 1, WOW028 (2023)

D Town, WOW029 (2023)